Structural Engineers’ Reports, Raynes Park

Structural Engineers’ reports are specialist inspections of the skeleton of a building in Raynes Park, this mainly covers the loadbearing walls. This professional report is commissioned to appraise possible structural defects or the structural condition of a property and supplies a written description of the findings and estimated costs of repair.

Structural Engineers Reports for Raynes Park properties

If you have any structural concerns about a property in Raynes Park you planning to purchase, sell, lease, or renovate, an independent and expert Structural Engineer’s Report will help you understand the extent of the problem and the cost of rectifying it.

structural-engineers-reports-raynes-parkIf you are buying a property

If there are cracks, movement, subsidence, bulging walls or other defects in a property you are hoping to buy, in Raynes Park, a specialist Structural Engineer’s report can guide you on the purchase and help with securing a mortgage or buildings insurance. Knowing the estimated repair costs can be useful in negotiating a price for the property too.

If you are selling a property

When you are planning to sell a property in Raynes Park, a Structural Engineer’s Report can provide professional, unbiased advice about any structural issues before you market the property. A Structural Engineer’s Report can also provide peace of mind to potential new owners.

Property owners

If your property in Raynes Park has any potential structural defects, an independent, specialist Structural Engineer’s Report will advise you on the nature of the problem, and costs to repair, which can also support an insurance claim.

Pole offers two types of Structural Engineers Reports for properties in Raynes Park.

Structural Engineers General Movement Report for properties in Raynes Park

If you have noticed multiple cracks or general distortion to the property in Raynes Park, it is advisable to commission a Structural Engineers General Movement Report. Our Chartered Structural Engineer will carry out a visual inspection of whole property, focusing on the main loadbearing walls for signs of movement. This will be followed by a written report, containing clear recommendations with an indication of potential repair costs.

Structural Engineers Defect Report for Raynes Park properties

Our Structural Engineer’s Specific Defect Report is used to inspect one localised structural issue in the building, such as a single crack in a wall or a bulging wall. The report focuses on the one part of the building in Raynes Park, not the whole property. Our Chartered Structural Engineer will carry out an inspection of the property in Raynes Park to assess problem and advice on your options for repair or maintenance works.

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