Structural Engineers Reports

“A Structural Engineer’s report” is a high level/ strategic report on the skeletal structure of a property.

eg the loadbearing walls and where required, roof and floor structures; normally in response to concerns regarding cracks, movement, subsidence and settlement or Building Regulations alterations.

What is a Structural Engineer’s Report?

A Structural Engineer’s report will tell you whether a property is safe, strong and stable. It will identify likely causes of cracks, movement or subsidence and whether these structural defects are serious or not, what to do about them and how much this might cost.

Structural-engineers-reportsFor Buyers

If there are cracks, movement, subsidence, bulging walls or other possible structural defects in a property you are hoping to buy, then you may need a specialist Structural Engineer’s report to help with a mortgage or buildings insurance or simply to provide you with peace of mind.  We will let you know how much you should allow for repairs, which can be useful when negotiating on the purchase of a property.

For Vendors

Homeowners often want to check structural defects before putting their property on the market. A Structural Engineer’s report will provide transparency for potential purchasers and can help speed up the sale process.

For Owners

Our Structural Engineers’ reports are used by homeowners who may want to make an insurance claim if there are possible subsidence issues or structural defects. If a simple repair is all that is needed, then we can recommend an appropriate builder.

Our structural engineers’ reports are specialist and independent

A structural engineer’s report is based on a thorough inspection of all visible and accessible parts of a building. It is a specialist technical report which provides a detailed written evaluation of structural issues such as movement and cracks. The report provides an independent, unbiased view of the structural defects, suspected causes and recommendations for repair, as well as the estimated costs associated with fixing any structural problems.

Our structural engineers’ reports often follow a homebuyer’s survey by a general practice surveyor who will provide an overall health check of a property.

While a surveyor is rather like a GP; a structural engineer is like a specialist consultant, providing a more detailed investigation and identifying the cause and treatment.

We check the structural integrity of property including foundations, loadbearing walls, floors etc to ensure they are safe, strong and stable.

Our reports are carried out by qualified Chartered Structural Engineers who are Members of the Institution of Structural Engineers, holding the qualifications CEng and MIStructE. Most lenders and insurance companies insist on these qualifications when requesting specialist structural engineers reports.

We offer two types of structural engineers report:


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