What are Structural Engineers’ Reports?

Structural Engineers’ reports provide specialist advice on whether buildings in Southfields are structurally sound. The inspection applies mainly to the condition of the loadbearing walls. These written reports are independent and used to attain a professional, unbiased appraisal of possible structural defects, with recommendations for repairs and likely costs.

Structural Engineers Reports for Southfields properties

Whether you’re buying a property, selling, or leasing in Southfields, carrying out renovations or negotiating with neighbours in Southfields, an unbiased, professional Structural Engineer’s Specific Defect Report from Pole will give you and any associated party confidence and peace of mind.

structural-engineers-reports-southfieldsBuying a property

If the house or other property you are planning to buy in Southfields has any signs of structural defects such as cracking or a sagging roof, a Structural Engineer’s Report produced by Pole will give you clear impartial advice on the extent of the problem and the likely costs of any repair work.

Knowing the estimated repair costs can be useful in negotiating a price for the property too.

Selling a property

A Structural Engineer’s Report will provide clear information for potential purchasers of the property in Southfields and can help to speed up the sale process.

Renovating a property

Structural Engineers’ Reports are used by property owners in Southfields who want reassurance about possible subsidence or structural issues or wish to make an insurance claim.

Pole’s two structural engineers reports for Southfields properties

Our Structural Engineers Reports will provide you with an independent, unbiased view of the structural defects, the suspected causes, and recommendations for repair.

We offer two different Structural Engineers’ Reports for properties in Southfields.

Structural Engineers Defect Report

Our Structural Engineer’s Defect Report investigates a single, localised structural problem, such as a crack or a bulge in a wall. It could also examine a specific issue such as the proximity of a tree near a Southfields property. The written report will advise on what, if any, repairs or maintenance work needs to be carried out, and will include the estimated costs for this.

Structural Engineers General Movement Report

If there are signs of distortion or multiple cracks throughout the building in Southfields, it is advisable to have a Structural Engineers General Movement Report. Our Chartered Structural Engineer will carry out a visual inspection of the main loadbearing walls of the property for signs of movement. This will be followed by a written report, containing clear recommendations and an indication of potential repair costs.

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