Structural Engineers’ Reports, Wimbledon

Structural Engineers’ reports are specialist written reports which appraise the structural condition of a building in Wimbledon and identify the probable causes of a defect such as cracking. The structural report will state whether it is a structural problem that needs to be dealt with and provide advice on the repair work that should be undertaken.

Structural Engineers Reports for properties in Wimbledon

If you are planning to purchase, sell, lease, or renovate a house or other building in Wimbledon, and have concerns about a structural issue, a Structural Engineer’s Report will help you understand the extent of the problem and the cost of rectifying it. We check the structural integrity of the building in Wimbledon, such as loadbearing walls and floors to ensure the building is safe, strong and stable.

Structural-engineers-reports-PutneyOur structural reports are clear and decisive with a summary of sensible and practical recommendations.

When purchasing a property

When the property you are planning to purchase in Wimbledon has signs of damp, cracking or subsidence, a Structural Engineer’s Report produced by Pole will recommend your next steps and the likely costs for any structural repair work. This report can be useful in negotiations and in securing a mortgage or building insurance.

When selling a property

When you are planning to sell property in Wimbledon, you might want to commission a Structural Engineer’s Report to get professional advice on any potential structural defects before you put the property on the market. A Structural Engineer’s Report can also allay the concerns of any potential buyers.

When owning a property

If you own a property in Wimbledon and want to make an insurance claim for any structural issues, you will need to commission an independent, specialist Structural Engineer’s Report.

Pole Structural Engineers Reports

A Structural Engineers Report is a specialist technical written report based on an inspection of the visible and accessible parts of the building. The report will give you a clear and unbiased evaluation of the structural problems identified, such as movement and cracks, along with details of the suspected causes and recommendations for remedial works and the costs of repair and maintenance.

Pole offers two types of structural engineers’ reports:

A specific defect report is suitable if you believe the rest of the property in Wimbledon is sound, but you have concerns about one aspect, such as a crack, a sagging floor or a drainage problem.

Our Structural Engineers GENERAL MOVEMENT Report investigates multiple structural concerns, such as cracks and movement throughout the property in Wimbledon.

Our Structural Engineers DEFECT Report investigates a single defect such as one crack in a wall or one area of damp in a property in Wimbledon.

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