Structural Design for Refurbishments & Listed Buildings

Pole/Elite Designers team provides expert and innovative structural design solutions that bring new life to older properties, from restoring listed buildings to refurbishing and modernising period houses.

Refurbishments and Listed Buildings

RefurbishmentsRefurbishments, renovations and alterations

A successful refurbishment is all about realising a building’s full potential. We are adept at altering and reusing existing structures and removing internal walls and floors to create stunning new spaces.

The structural engineers at Pole and Elite Designers have a flair for imaginative design concepts and conveying them through sketches, drawings and 3D visuals. These result in the most effective structural solutions required to create stunning transformations in buildings.

Listed-buildingsListed buildings and old historical building structures

Pole and Elite Designers have extensive specialist knowledge and experience in the restoration, alteration and modernisation of listed buildings. We provide structural engineering services for a wide range of unique properties and produce innovative, economical and practical design solutions with a sensitive approach to heritage work.

Our team of structural professionals can provide you with the support and expert guidance you need right from the start of your project.

If you are planning a new structural design project, please get in touch.

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