Structural Engineers Specific Defect Report for a house in Chiswick

A homebuyer’s survey report revealed cracking around a bay window. Should the concerned prospective buyer proceed with the house purchase or not?

Bay window cracks in a house, Chiswick

The problem

Bay-window-cracks-ChiswickA pre-purchase survey report had highlighted cracking around a bay window of a house for sale in Chiswick. The cracking was thought to have been present for around thirty years prior to the current owner’s purchase, but it was naturally worrying for the prospective buyer.

Service and advice

We were able to propose our shorter Structural Engineer’s specific Defect Inspection Report which looks at one structural matter rather than at the entire property.

This report concerned cracking inside and out to the bay window and site measurements indicated that the crack was both minor and of long standing and therefore of minimal concern. The property had exhibited signs of long-term settlement and forward-leaning of the bay window, but both these appeared to be dormant.


We were satisfied that the cracking was minor. long-standing, and dormant. This meant that the crack could easily be repaired, using resin or cementitious grout, for a matter Defect-report-Chiswickof just a few hundred pounds.

The cracking was the consequence of forward movement of the bay window due to minor foundation movements in the distant past.

Due to the sandy soil and the location of a drain, the leaking drainage system was thought to be the probable cause of the problem. A drainage survey was recommended, and we provided details of two specialist repair contractors, and the matter was dealt with for a few hundred pounds. The Chiswick house sale was then able to proceed.

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