Structural Engineers General Movement Report in a period property, Wandsworth

First-time buyers wanted our advice on the structural condition of an old unrenovated house. Would the repairs be prohibitively expensive?

A period property in Wandsworth

The Problem

General-movement-report-WandsworthThe prospective first-time buyers of a period family home in Wandsworth had received a level 3 RICS Building Survey 9 (the most comprehensive survey) that advised having a specialist second opinion about various cracks and movement issues.

While this was not a mortgage requirement, the couple weren’t prepared to proceed with the purchase if the house was deemed to be structurally unsafe or prohibitively expensive to repair and maintain. They also wanted to know the implications for adding a rear extension and a loft conversion.

Service and Advice

We carried out our comprehensive General Movement Report, where we inspect the main loadbearing walls inside and out. We also investigated the specific concerns noted in the surveyor’s report which required our specialist opinion.

We found the house to be extremely tired and in need of complete renovation. The house had suffered considerable early age settlement, but the movement was historic and could be either repaired or the frontage rebuilt.


The historic nature of the distortion and the relatively minor cracking could be easily repaired but this would not address the visual distortion of sagging windowsills, floors, and ceilings. The cracks could be repaired for a few thousands of pounds, but this would not address the kerbside appeal.

We recommended a builder provide preliminary guidance regarding overall costings so they could determine whether the asking price and eventual value of the property were realistic or not.

If you are concerned about cracking or any other movement issues, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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